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Emergency Plan For Environmental Emergencies

In order to implement the requirements of the "Emergency Response Law of the People's Republic of China" and other national laws, regulations and related documents, effectively prevent and respond to environmental emergencies, protect the lives of personnel, and reduce the loss of unit property. The "Emergency Emergency Plan for Feicheng Changsheng Special Graphite Co., Ltd." was prepared. This plan is a normative document for the emergency rescue of the unit, and is used to guide the emergency rescue operation of the unit against environmental emergencies.

1 Scope:

This emergency plan applies to emergency work of environmental emergencies within the entire plant of Jinan Aohai Carbon Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 320,000 tons of carbon electrode project.

2. Organization: Establish the company's emergency rescue headquarters for sudden environmental pollution accidents

Chief Commander: Zhao Qingcai Deputy Chief Commander: He Shuming, Yu Lei

Members: Environmental Protection Division, Safety Division, production workshops, supply, general engineering office, electrical workshop, finance department.

3. Emergency rescue:

(1) Emergency rescue system. The main force is the process personnel who use the polluting substance or environmental protection facilities. The other personnel in the unit where the process is located are the first reinforcements. The environmental protection section, safety section, dispatching room, mechanical repair department, company office, labor union, and members of various units as auxiliary Forces to participate in the movement of materials and rescue personnel.

(2) The environmental accidents drill organized by the Environmental Protection Division is conducted once a year.

4. Accident report and site protection:

(I) Accident report

1. After an environmental pollution accident occurs, the relevant units and individuals immediately report to the Environmental Protection Division, the Production Department and the Office. If the environmental protection facilities are out of control, they must also report to the Mechanical Repair Department.

2. When the above-mentioned departments received the report and mobilized the staff, they immediately reported to the in-charge leaders. After the in-charge leaders received the report, they immediately reported to the chairman.

3. The contents of the report when an environmental pollution accident occurs are: (1) the situation of the unit and the specific facilities and equipment in which the pollution accident occurred; (2) the scope of the pollution accident; (3) whether there were injured persons and the number of injured persons; (4) pollution of roads and surrounding environment; (5) types of pollution accidents.

(2) In the case where the safety of the pollution accident is determined, the process in which the pollutants are located shall be used in emergency drills and organized by the squad leader to carry out the blockage and rescue in advance to prevent further spread of pollution.

(3) After the accident, the security team should rush to the scene to maintain law and order.

5. Accident emergency rescue:

(1) After receiving the alarm, the Environmental Protection Section shall immediately report to the emergency rescue leadership group. If the leadership group determines whether to launch this plan, and if it is determined to start this plan, immediately form an office command to rush to the scene to implement the rescue. According to the accident situation, call for foreign aid rescue: Public Security Command Center 110, Medical Assistance 120.

(2) Rescue during pollution. In the event of a pollution accident, first of all, the personnel in the process where the accident occurred should be rescued. At the same time, the relevant personnel of various departments should be assisted in the rescue. Immediately report to the police command center if external rescue is needed.

(1) While the rescue team is organizing the rescue, the rescue command team should immediately dial "110" and ask for reinforcements according to the situation.

(2) When a general pollution accident occurs, rescue should be carried out in accordance with the methods specified in the list of emergency measures.

6. Accident notification and investigation and treatment:

(1) Accident notification: After the occurrence of an emergency environmental incident, after the headquarters determines the level of the environmental incident, report it to the Municipal People's Government within 10 minutes, and start the government and regional linkage environmental incident plan according to the emergency environmental incident level and report it step by step. The initial report shall be reported within 10 minutes from the discovery of the incident, and the subsequent report shall be reported at any time after the relevant basic information has been found out. The report of the processing result shall be reported immediately after the incident is processed.

(2) Accident investigation: After the emergency state is terminated, under the command of the deputy general manager of production, an accident investigation team composed of production, environmental protection, safety, and environmental emergency units will be formed to investigate the cause of the incident, study and formulate preventive measures to protect At the event site, when the items on the site need to be moved, marks and written records should be made. Provide information for further handling of incidents and report accidents to relevant authorities in a timely manner in accordance with relevant state regulations.

7. Emergency phone: 15864003200 0531-87747321