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Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects

Our company's production scale of 200,000 tons / year pre-baked anode in the initial stage of its establishment in 2001 has grown to 320,000 tons / year of carbon electrode production scale in 2007. In the same year, the Environmental Protection School of Shandong Province was commissioned to compile an environmental impact assessment report. On August 1, 2007, it was approved with the document No. 13 [2007].

Due to the influence of the market economy, our company shut down the original carbon electrode and graphitized electrode successively, and changed the production products from the original three to the main production of pre-baked anodes, which greatly reduced the production process (secondary firing, graphitization, and mechanical Processing) and pollution production, the Pingyin County Environmental Protection Bureau agreed on November 23, 2012 with Pinghuan Han [2012] No. 143 to carry out post-environmental impact assessment in accordance with the actual situation of the company. On May 15th, Shandong Shanda Energy and Environment Co., Ltd. was entrusted to undertake the preparation of the project's environmental impact post-evaluation report, and Shandong Environmental Protection Scientific Research and Design Institute completed the project acceptance monitoring.

On November 19, 2014, the Pingyin County Environmental Protection Bureau issued a review opinion on the post-EIA report (Pinghuaibei [2014] No. 01), and it was accepted on December 26, 2014 (Pinghuan Inspection [2014] No. 20) ).